Want the Top Laptops Online? Online Stores with the Best Laptop Deals

Want the Top Laptops Online? Online Stores with the Best Laptop Deals

Posted 08.08.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

Shopping for a laptop online is like shopping at the world's biggest mall. Where do you even begin? We've shopped at this mall for years. So whether you're looking for the best user experience or the cheapest prices, we know where to go. Kick back, grab a corn dog from the food court, and let us give you the rundown of the best places to shop online for your next laptop computer.

The two biggest online discounters are Tiger Direct and New Egg. Some users and businesses swear by Tiger Direct and virtually the same amount of users swear by New Egg. Truth is, Tiger Direct and New Egg are very similar in terms of pricing, customer service, and selection, so personal preference between the two will differ. Shopping at any one of these discounters will help you save hundreds compared to buying directly from the brand, with even more savings shopping in the overstock inventory or refurbished section. Both online stores have a huge inventory of laptops, but both won't have the same level of expertise for a certain product as buying direct.

Big online retail stores to visit are Amazon and Best Buy. As the biggest online store, Amazon has proven to be a go-to source for online shoppers, and with good reason. With Amazon, you can almost always expect high quality products. They have easy shipping & return policies (usually within 30 days of delivery), with some items offered with free shipping. Amazon allows you to refine your search to about as narrow a search you can get: operating systems, monitor size, processor, brand, you name it. Amazon also shows customer reviews to help you make a sound purchase.

Searching for a laptop on Best Buy is about as refined as that on Amazon. Prices tend to be higher than Tiger Direct, New Egg, and Amazon. However, Best Buy offers better consultation service with the Best Buy hotline and Geek Squad Support on hand to assist you with the setup of your new laptop. To match the pricing of the online discounters, it's also a good idea to check the Best Buy site weekly for deals on certain products.

The last option we recommend is buying directly from the brand's website. When visiting brands like Dell, HP, and Apple online, you can expect to find higher prices than discount online stores. As these are the specialists for their respective brand, however, you will get the best consultation for any given laptop. Brand websites will also have exclusive deals on their products you won't find at a discounter website, like Back-to-School specials for students. 

Return policies also differ among brands. In general, brands will only accept products purchased directly from their website or over the phone. Dell has a 21-day return policy for most products, with some eligible within 30 days. They also charge a 15% restocking fee unless the product is defective or a direct result of Dell error. HP also has a 21-day return policy. Taxes will be refunded, while the original shipping charge is not. At Apple, you have 14 calendar days to return a laptop. Refunds will come within 5 days of request. The beauty of Apple is the option to exchange your product in person at any Apple location.

All these websites have proven to be go-to shops for all types of users. Depending on your preference for price and selection, and the importance placed upon consultation and customers service, you'll find each online store to be useful in finding the perfect laptop.


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Re: Want the Top Laptops Online? Online Stores with the Best Laptop Deals
Reply #1 on : Tue October 16, 2012, 08:07:51
two words: new egg. have everything you need and then some. never had to return a single product. i'm surprised people still even go to brick and mortar stores.

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